Glass Railings kathmandu

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Woodlandhomesolution is the number one source for glass railings and stainless steel railings in Kathmandu area. When we started this company, it was our goal to build a family owned and operated railing and stainless-steel company that would provide excellent service as well as the best quality construction materials.

The look of glass and stainless steel on your balcony

or on your staircase is an extremely professional and excellent design for all types of décor. We install your indoor glass railing, shower glass railings, frameless glass railings, and more! Woodlandhomesolution  provides the sleek and modern look that upgrades the look of all homes and businesses. When our operators first started to learn the methods for creating these unique touches within a home, we learned from contractors that had years of experience in the glass stair railing and glass railing industry.

From this intensive training our family on an operating company would pass the same knowledge along to each one of our employees. We have long been a family business and each one of the operators/ installation glass stair railing experts that we employ, we trust completely with upholding our family name. Also, being certified welders, we offer a fast  and reliable mobile welding services in kathmandu.

Through the years of experience and our commitment to serving the Woodlandhomesolution with pride, we remain fixed on customer satisfaction. Therefore, our company delivers exceptional service and quality of workmanship to our clients.

Glass Railing

In order to remain competitive in our industry Woodlandhomesolution has a large network of high-quality industry contacts. It is these industry contacts that allow us to provide our clients with the fairest prices for glass railings, frameless glass railings, shower glass indoor glass railings Staircase Railing Design , Balcony Railing Design , Toughened Glass Railing , Toughened Glass Railing Design , Toughened Glass balcony railing , Toughened Glass Staircase Railing , Toughened Glass Sky

Roof , Toughend Glass Partition , wooden Railing , Wooden stairs railing , Glass Railing for balcony ,and stainless steel installations in kathmandu area. Our company specializes in glass railings and with our expertise are able to inform our clients of the best recommendations for materials and the value based on which materials they choose.

Choosing a reliable glass railing contractor makes all the difference in the service and cost of what should be a smooth and exceptional experience. Woodlandhomesolution has the expertise to validate our quality and service which gives you one less project to stress about during renovations or upgrades. Choosing a company that doesn’t have the experience you need or doesn’t take costumer service seriously, could sadly change your dream renovation into a nightmare. We are proud to have only satisfied clients.